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Heavy Duty Barn Door Hardware OS-025

The heavy duty barn door hardware is made of sturdy aluminum alloy material with a matte black coating. This upgrade in material provides anti-corrosion and anti-rusting protection, while also reducing the loading weight for the wall compared to steel material. The aluminum alloy is only half the weight of steel, making it a lightweight yet durable option.

Easy Installation:

The surface-mounted sliding rustic barn door hardware takes ease of installation to a whole new level. With its innovative design, it eliminates the hassle of dealing with a single-piece rail by providing four separate 1.64ft (50cm) cut rails. This modular approach allows for effortless jointing together, saving time and effort during the installation process. What's more, this barn door rail kit is incredibly versatile and can be applied to different wall types, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of setups.

Sturdy Upgrade Aluminum Alloy Material with Matt Black Coating:

When it comes to durability and performance, OKSUN heavy duty barn door hardware takes the spotlight. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, it boasts impressive strength while being significantly lighter than traditional steel materials. This not only reduces the load on the wall but also makes handling and installation much easier. Additionally, the rustic barn door hardware is coated with a sleek and protective matt black coating, offering excellent resistance against corrosion and rust. Even after years of use, the coating remains intact, maintaining the kit's aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Upgrade Roller and Rail Design with Long Life-Span

The roller and rail design of this heavy duty barn door hardware has received a remarkable upgrade to deliver exceptional performance and longevity. The heavy-duty aluminum alloy rail, with its 0.23-inch thickness and 1.6-inch width, ensures robustness and stability, guaranteeing that your barn door glides smoothly and effortlessly. The quality steel bearings incorporated in the design, combined with nylon rollers, effectively minimize friction, resulting in a quiet sliding experience that is both pleasing to the ears and soothing to the senses. With a focus on durability, the upgraded roller and rail design ensures a long life-span, making this barn door rail kit a reliable investment that will withstand the test of time.

6 ft & 6.6ft are both available, contact us for more info and get a quote!

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