Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Bypass Barn Door Hardware

Bypass barn doors, with better space utilization and aesthetic appeal, have transfigured modern interior design through innovative functionality. Instead of swinging open like traditional doors, bypass barn doors slide horizontally along a track for better space utilization in confined areas. 

Essential to the efficacy and prolonged existence of these doors is the use of high-quality bypass barn door hardware. Superior hardware guarantees the doors' smooth, quiet, and consistent operation with less damage and maintenance requirements. As a result, it helps support the doors' active integrity and contributes to the complete design elegance. In 2018, the worldwide market for barn door hardware was US$ 1,680.2 million. It is projected to increase to US$ 2,272.1 million by the end of 2027.[1] 


Benefits of Using Bypass Barn Door Hardware

The following are the advantages associated with employing bypass barn door hardware.


1. Save Space

Bypass barn door hardware optimizes spatial utility because it enables doors to slide over each other parallelly. Traditional swing doors necessitate ample space for swinging open and closed. In contrast, barn doors with bypass hardware occupy little space. This kind of design of installing sliding tracks on the top of the door greatly reduces the area required for the door arc. Thus, it elevates the utilization of space in compact or congested settings like closets or bathrooms.

2. Quiet, Smooth, and Wear-Resistant

Bypass barn door hardware assures a quiet and smooth operation thanks to the bearing roller made of high-quality carbon steel. They alleviate noise levels and friction as the door moves along the sliding barn door track, showing its wear resistance. Moreover, this sliding device also ensures smooth operation when opening and closing doors. 

3. Enhance Aesthetics

Bypass barn door hardware can elevate architectural aesthetics with its clean and uninterrupted lines design. This hardware system can add a rustic feeling to the house while it also has rich and colourful styles that can also build unique architectural features. Its unified appearance amplifies the visual appeal as it is placed on the top.

4. Customize Style

The flexibility of bypass barn door hardware allows for extensive customization in size and style. It can be arbitrarily cut according to the width of the specific barn door. Moreover, the double bypass barn door kit also comes in various types to suit different house styles, such as modern, industrial and rural, providing customers with more choices. Such characteristics promote a harmonious configuration in a house.

5. Free Collocation

Free collocation is a notable advantage presented by bypass barn door hardware. It allows for pairing different hardware without being restricted by a specific design schema. People can freely combine tracks, rollers, and accessories according to their personal preferences and spatial needs, creating unique aesthetic designs that reflect their personal style. This free collocation feature also allows for seamless integration of bypass barn door hardware with home style.


Guidelines for Purchasing Bypass Barn Door Hardware

Below is a quick guideline for purchasing bypass barn door hardware.


1. Evaluate Brand Reputation

Investigate the brand's historical performance in bypass barn door hardware while scrutinizing industry certifications, patents, and techniques. Look for a record of novelty and customer satisfaction in their product lineup.

2. Evaluate Budget

Conduct a cost-benefit analysis centring on the total cost of the bypass barn door hardware. It includes considering the initial purchase price, installation convolution, maintenance requirements, and the hardware's duration.

3. Evaluate Product Quality

Assess the bypass barn door hardware on material composition, load-bearing capacity, and corrosion resistance. Ensure the hardware components are manufactured using high-quality materials like stainless steel or aluminium alloys. Plus, confirm that the hardware complies with industry standards and specifications.


OKSUN's Bypass Barn Door Hardware Kit OS-808

The OKSUN Bypass Barn Door Hardware Kit OS-808 is an excellent solution for stable sliding. It is made of high-quality carbon steel, ensuring both smooth and quiet sliding of the bearing rollers and durability. All of our products have undergone multiple tests before delivery to ensure that the quality of the products received by users is qualified. 

Our double bypass barn door hardware is very easy to install. It is more space-saving than the traditional one and does not need to reserve an empty wall for pushing the door, promoting one-piece installation and space optimization. Moreover, it incorporates a matt black industrial big wheel hanger OS-032, which helps compatible with small door openings. Whether in retail stores, shopping malls, or offices, our bypass barn door hardware can adapt to various styles.




OKSUN stands out in producing robust and efficient bypass barn door hardware for elevating space utilization and simplified room transitions. Our products undergo testing and enhancement processes so each component operates precisely and reliably. 

Providing customers with high-quality hardware has always been our pursuit. If you are being dazzled by the products on the market, contact us now, and we are confident that the products will definitely satisfy you. 



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