Sliding door track

Barn door hardware hanging rail side mounted pure white black and white matching,ghost door,Barn Door Hanging Rail American Wooden Door Aluminum Door Glass Door Slide Rail Sliding Door Hardware Accessories

1. Save space

Compared with other types of sliding doors, this kind of barn door is more space-saving, and it also solves the problem that sliding doors cannot be installed because of the small door opening.

2. Strong decoration

The barn door is often considered to have an American country flavor in people's impressions. The modern new barn door] has been processed and designed with rich colors and shapes, and is also very decorative.

3. Strong plasticity

The hopeability of the barn door] actually refers to the fact that blackboard paper or cork can be pasted on the door panel. If it is placed in the child's room, it can be painted on it according to the child's preference. Put some patterns on it to make the room look More lively and lively.

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Item Num:OS-045


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