Enhance Your Space with the OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit: A Stylish and Practical Solution

At OKSUN, we understand the growing popularity of sliding barn doors as a stylish and functional addition to residential and commercial spaces. Our OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit OS-036 offers a comprehensive solution for effortless installation, superior quality, and long-lasting performance.


Streamlined Installation for Seamless Functionality

Simplifying Your Installation Process

When it comes to installing sliding barn doors, we know that simplicity is vital. With the OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit OS-036, we've made installation a breeze. Our innovative design allows for easy jointing with four pieces of 1.64ft cut rail, providing flexibility for various wall applications. Say goodbye to the hassle of handling a single-piece rail.

Seamless Mounting with Surface-Mounted Design

Achieving a seamless and sleek look is made possible by our surface-mounted design. The OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit OS-036 ensures that your door glides effortlessly along the rail, creating a visually pleasing and functional addition to your space.


Superior Quality and Durability with Aluminum Alloy Construction

The Strength of Aluminum Alloy

Quality and durability are paramount in our OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit. We have chosen to utilize aluminium alloy material, which offers numerous advantages. Not only is it lightweight compared to steel, but it also reduces the loading weight on your walls. Additionally, our kit features an anti-corrosion coating that provides long-lasting protection, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Longevity Redefined

With the OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit OS-036, we have redefined longevity. Our heavy-duty aluminium alloy rail boasts a 0.23-inch thickness and a 1.6-inch width, providing exceptional sturdiness and support for your sliding barn door. The quality steel bearings and nylon rollers ensure smooth and silent operation, reducing friction and guaranteeing a lengthy lifespan for your barn door kit.


Effortless Glide and Quiet Operation for a Refined Experience

Experience Effortless Glide

With our OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit, you can enjoy the effortless glide of your sliding barn door. The precision-engineered components and high-quality materials work harmoniously to create a smooth and seamless movement whenever you open or close your door.

Quiet Operation for Enhanced Comfort

We understand the importance of a quiet environment, especially in residential and commercial settings. Our barn door kit features quality steel bearings and nylon rollers, minimizing noise and providing a peaceful atmosphere. Experience the tranquillity of your space with the OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit OS-036.



At OKSUN, we offer the finest sliding barn door track kits. Our OS-036 model combines streamlined installation, superior quality, and effortless functionality. With our surface-mounted design, sturdy aluminium alloy construction, and smooth, quiet operation, the OKSUN Sliding Barn Door Track Kit is the perfect choice to enhance any space. Just in time for this Thanksgiving, experience the OKSUN difference and elevate your space with style and practicality.